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 +{{description>Learn how to use SesamX with various tutorials.}}
 +====== Tutorials ======
 +You can find here tutorials explaining how to use SesamX from a general point of view. The aim of these tutorials is to provide concrete recipe showcasing how to work with SesamX.
 +  * [[tutorials:sesamx-step-by-step-guide|SesamX input file step by step guide]]: learn how to write proper SesamX input file.
 +  * [[tutorials:open_source_fea_meshing|FEA mesh using open source tools]]: learn how to build a 3D FEA mesh using open source tools only.
 +  * [[tutorials:shell_connector|Shell connector tutorial]]: learn how to use Salome and SesamX to build a shell finite element model and visualize the results.
 +  * [[tutorials:car_wheel_rim|Car wheel rim tutorial]]: learn how to use FreeCad, SesamX and Salome to build a finite element model from a wheel rim geometry.