Affordable finite element analysis software

SesamX provides high-fidelity and affordable structural analysis software. On a simple desktop or a workstation, simulation is no longer an option.

Affordable finite element analysis software/

Now available: SesamX V2023_03

With advanced contact simulation and post-processing capabilities

One FEA platform

To meet all your simulation needs

1. Prepare the FEA model

  • Geometry simplification.
  • 1D, 2D, 3D automatic meshing.
  • Loads, boundary conditions and elements properties visualization.

2. Run the simulation

  • Up to date finite element formulations (truss, beam, shell, solid).
  • Linear and non-linear analysis.
  • Efficient resolution algorithms leveraging parallel computing.
  • Rigorous validation process.

3. Analyze the results

  • Simulation and results visualization.
  • Animation of temporal data.
  • Multiple post-processing filters (clip, contour, histogram, csv, …).

Case studies

Multiple industries and applications


Fan FEA mesh


Engine block FEA mesh

And many more...

Other mechanical parts FEA mesh

Tailored solutions

Are you looking for an efficient simulation workflow that integrates well into you existing software suite? We can help you!

We can adjust SesamX to meet your specific needs:

  • Specific FEA features : finite elements formulations, loads and boundary conditions, resolution scenario, …
  • Automated pre and post processing : automatic meshing for special components (bolts, weld, …), automatic post-processing (image, csv, …).
  • Integration into existing workflow.
  • And much more!

Contact us, and we will see how we can help.


What our clients say about us

SesamX is my favorite software for performing finite element analysis for my clients. As a consultant, I need a FEA software that is easy to manipulate and goes straight to the point. Besides, the SesamX platform allows me to prepare post-processing data that my clients can visualize freely in the SesamX Viewer.
Martin F. FEA engineer consultant
Martin F.
FEA engineer consultant
As a student, I am using SesamX to learn finite element analysis. I like the fact that SesamX is accessible and yet proposes advanced features such as powerful shell elements or contact algorithm. The documentation is well written. Even though I am using a free license, the support team was always keen to answer my questions and provide useful resources.
Rachel K. Mechanical engineering student
Rachel K.
Mechanical engineering student
We chose SesamX because we were looking for a custom simulation process that fits perfectly with our team experience and habits. The SesamX development team was able to understand our needs and proposed a solution that made sense to us. Moreover, they were keen to develop specifics loading conditions that saves us a lot of time in our daily tasks.
Thomas B. Senior CAE engineer
Thmoas. B
Senior CAE engineer