SesamX platform overview


SesamX can read multiple mesh format on input. For instance SesamX can read Abaqus mesh. However the classical approach is to use the Salome software to mesh your geometries.

Salome is an open source simulation-oriented platform. It enables efficient pre and post-processing. Salome proposes many features to create finite element mesh:

  • Geometry simplification features (automatic deletion of small holes, …).
  • All elements dimensions are covered (1D, 2D and 3D).
  • Multiple meshing capabilities are available : manual meshing sweeping, automatic (quad, tri, tet and even hexa).
  • Modular mesh construction : you can mesh one part at a time, then move to the next.
  • Quality control tools (element distorsion, aspect ratio, double nodes check, …) and mesh correction tools (sewing, manual move).
  • Nodes and elements groups definition.

SesamX reads perfectly the Salome mesh format (.med file). Once the mesh is constructed and the groups are definied, you can proceed with SesamX to finalize your model definition.

SesamX platform overview

Model preparation and simulation

SesamX model preparation

With the SesamX solver you can simulate the structural behavior of your product. From mesh and groups definition, you can complete your model right into SesamX:

  • Material definition.
  • Elements properties: 1D truss and beam, 2D shell (quad and tri) and 3D solid elements (tet, wedge and hexa) are available.
  • Loading condition : concentrated or distributed forces and moments.
  • Boundary condition

Next you can run the simulation using multiple options:

  • Contact conditions.
  • Linear and non-linear analysis.

SesamX rethinks the whole model definition and simulation process:

  • Easy to read and write input file.
  • One database to store all your model data. The input files management nightmare is over!
  • Units are automatically managed.
  • Visualize and check your model definition (loading, boundary condition, …) before running the simulation.

SesamX takes performance and precision seriously:

  • Our cutting edge finite element formulations are safe to use and do not require stability parameter tuning.
  • SesamX can run on any computer, be it a simple office computer or a supercharged workstation (Windows only).
  • Parallel computing is used whenever appropriate to speed the computation.

SesamX is rigorously validated:

  • Analytical validation is performed when available.
  • Each finite element is validated against the equivalent Abaqus element. You can consult our validation and reproduce it.
  • SesamX is entirely verified before releasing a new version..

Results analysis

As for meshing, SesamX relies also on the Salome platform to analyze the results of your simulation.

A custom interface, the SesamX Viewer, has been developed to ease SesamX finite element results analysis. Many features are available:

  • Visualize various physical fields: displacement, stress, strain ...
  • Apply process on those physical fields: mises criteria, principal values, ...
  • Animate temporal data.
  • Multiple post-processing features: contour, clip, glyph, threshold, FFT, ...
  • Multiple output format: view, csv, plot, histogram, bar chart, ...